Turkey and Lybia have allied. This is a geopolitical earthquake in the Midetarian Sea. It seems that Erdogan is, once again, intending to hurt the people of Turkey at the most. It is no secret that it is a mess in Lybia. Ever since the west bought the Kadaffi regime down there is a genocide taking place.e The country has 3 governments and the UN-recognized one is having not much to say. Or completely nothing.

Is Turkey trying to protect its safety? Or is it, as most Arab countries expect, doing a power grab for the gas in the Miedetaranian?

For Israel, the situation is extremely dangerous. Israel had to fight and win 2 wars over navigation rights. Erdogan earlier called Israel the real danger and threat to peace in the Middle East. So it is best to pay attention to the danger of Erdogan imposes.

You would say that this is not so important. Well with the massive gas findings in 2009 all things changed. You need to keep in mind that Erdogan had a destructive foreign policy. Turkey had talks and diplomatic relations with all countries in the area. Those relations are troubled by the Erdogan statements.

Sending soldiers to Lybia is going to intensify the fighting in Lybia. So from there could we expect more refugees.

Also is it clear that Turkey is fighting the war for gas? The gas that it needs to power its troubled economy. It is really bad that it goes over the people in Lybia and the refugees living there. But they need to pay the price for Erdogan power grab.

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