I’m legally blind. My eyes are so bad that the Dutch government reported that I’m toilet trained. Unfit to work. But I don’t need a diaper. Well, that is something good to start with.

Many countries have laws to get people like me to a paid job. So it is illegal to discriminate. But there are obvious jobs you are unfit to do. I don’t consider it normal that an airliner would hire me as a pilot. Due to my bad eyes, there are some jobs I’m unfit to do.

I had to think about this when I heard the news that Pornhub was engaged in a lawsuit. Anti-discrimination. For not providing subtitles on certain videos.

I’m no big fan of porn movies. What is the fun of watching? I’m rather engaged in the activity. Who is watching porn movies for great conversations? No one is. How much talk is there?

The pornhub lawsuit shows the insanity we are in. Porn movies are not known for their great acting and performance. It is in those moves all about sex.

What the lawsuit shows you is the problem with people with disability to get a job. It is intended to end discrimination and facilitate the disabled to go to work. But many employers would have no problem getting the proper working conditions.

Then the government moved in. Making it a legal risk to employ disabled people. After all, when you fire them you get lawsuits.

The same is going to happen with the Black Lives Matter movement. The BLM movement is claiming equal rights. But by making it impossible to fire them, when they won’t function, but you can’t fire them. They will simply claim it is due to the color of the skin.

I don’t say that there is no problem. But the solution is not more government. The solution is not more destruction. The solution is prosperity and less government.

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