f you are like me you prefer free trade. It works for society. But there is something that fails to deliver prosperity. This is war. It is fair to say that it is destructive. But it is one of the things politicians love to do. They say it is patriotic. At the same time they say it is patriotic to get murdered, or to murder. Interesting to see that it is a criminal offense at the same time.

They will simply create an enemy that we need to fight. To fight this enemy we need some form of totalitarian bureaucracy. They will look at what you are thinking and what are you not thinking. But what is the danger of having different ideas?

Just look at the current hoax against Russia. We fought communism as it was some evil ideology. So, they are defeated and now we are fighting Russia? But what makes the Russians so dangerous to us? When have they invaded us? When did Russia attack other countries? During the last wars, it was Russia that was attacked.

But there is something else that is so dangerous about a war. It touches the morality. During the First World war, the fear of most young soldiers was not dying. They accepted this. It was dying as a virgin. So they preferred to have sex above staying alive.

Let me make another point. Would any company encounter a war? When the western European countries ailed the seas and ruled the world governments decided to stay out of the war. The result was unprecedented wealth in the countries. The war was a private business. But the companies fighting those wars have all gone bankrupt. What does this tell you?

It is clear that any war effort creates certain economic activity. After the war is fought we need to rebuild. But is this stimulation of the economy? Or is it just a lot of destruction, followed by a short repair of the damages?

When we look at what war does with how we look at other people than we see just tragedy. A tragedy which also created new names. The hotdog was not some American invention. It was a new name for the Frankfurter Sausage. During world war 1 the Germans were portrayed as very bad people. Well, the only thing we fought was a family fight between European Royal families.

When we look at how wars corrupt us than it is very clear War is something that brings the worst out in people. Unfortunately, it is very doubtful we are going to change this.

So what is best? Best is to prepare yourself. Get ready. Find a nice place to survive and protect your financials. It is said to say, but investing in the war industry is very profitable. So, please take your financial future serious and read The Profitable War report.

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