I don’t think that anyone endorses the concept of rape or murder. Everyone will say that it is far more terrible than the theft of technical bookkeeping crimes. But if we look at the behavior of politicians, then we see completely the opposite.

If the government is really protecting us than they are ensuring that the crimes that are important for people are being solved. So let’s have a closer look at the data:
90% Of the robberies is NOT solved,
79% Of homicides is NOT solved,
96% Of attempted murders is NOT solved,
91% Of assaults are NOT solved,
97% Of break and entrees are NOT solved,

This is based upon those who took the time and effort to go to the bureaucratic nightmare of visiting the Police.

Below Canadian chart shows you in which government organization is most trusted.

It is interesting to see that the Police is failing to provide the services they promise. But they are still trusted. So it is clear to see that the message that you can trust the Police is working. Sadly they fail to deliver.

It is clear that something should be changed about the success of the Police. But government resources are limited. After all: no one enjoys the idea of higher tax.

So let’s have a look at what is important for the Canadian, and every other government in the world: tax evasion. In Canada, the budget to searching and prosecuting (with media coverage) of tax evaders received an additional 200 Million CAD.

With the poor Police performance, we see that the fiscal authorities are much more effective. Over 100 people have lost their freedom. Just due to the government decision to leave rape and murder as not so serious crimes.

What we see happening now is just that the government is losing it from the market. People and corporations do the smart thing: they bring their money to the place it is treated best. This means least regulatory issues and least fiscal costs.

It is very clear that governments are loosing. If you are smart you take care of your money and don’t get in jail. Are you sure that the government will now come after you? Just prepare and get into the offshore business yourself. A simple company with a bank account and brokerage account is what gets you started.

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