Should you fear your government? This sounds like a crazy question. The government has, in most countries of the world, the monopoly on violence. They have the Police and even the army to protect you. Most people seem to ignore that the west has lost all the wars since WWII. At the same time can’t be the Police everywhere and, at least in the South of The Netherlands, are they associated with the increase of drugs criminality.

Off course we can end all drugs crimes easily: we just make it legal to produce, transport, sell and use it. All criminal activity is vanished at once.

At the same time are we seeing that the government is more actively going after whistleblowers? Let me give you an example of this. In Almelo, there is the company of Urenco. They are more important for your energy than you think. If they shutdown it takes a few months and all western nuclear powerplants standstill. The business they are in is enriching Urban. When you dig it out of the ground it is not ready to use and make electricity of it.

So a technical process is needed. That process is complicated and in the western world, only Urenco can deliver this. Only the Russian Rosatom can provide the same service. So during the 70s and 80s, Pakistan and India were developing nuclear bombs. Remember this was during the Cold War.

Pakistan had a highly intelligent student with the name of Abdul Kashmir Kahn. He stole the enrichment technology from Urenco. He had some assistance for getting the nonnuclear components. A few decades later Pakistan had atomic weapons. Now they sell nuclear weapons to everyone with money.

But there was a whistleblower who exposed this. So what did the government of The Netherlands do? They send the whistleblower to the archive and a few months later he was fired.

At the same time, The Netherlands is advocating peace and international Court decisions, Hanover. They subsidize global campaigns against nuclear weapons.

In the United States, we see exactly the same. Just look at Edward Snowden. He leaked unprecedented spying by the NSA on ordinary people. At the same time, they say they protect whistleblowers.

When you are part of a political and entice minority we see that we should be protected by the government. Let begin with the political minority. I’m a libertarian. So I’m against all government and I trust the free market will offer more efficient solutions. The free market will offer less waste and efficiency than the government.

I’m Jewish. I hold an Israeli passport. On this newsletter, I get frequent invitations for glass chamber and death threats. Just recently someone suggested to throw in the windows. But this is not something new. Over time Jewish people contributed to the guest society. This was valued by the host society. Normally with the mass murder of extinction. If I look at my own situation it is easy. I have a backpack with clothes and emergency money ready. In the back are a gas mask and a helmet with a press on it.

I’ll not trust on local government or Police for my protection. They fail to do it and after it was tried to bully me away the Police response was: “but you are a Jew.”

Wo what to do when the government prosecutes you? What if the government fails to provide the safety they promise?

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