It is said that elections are important. It is said that politicians control the world. But this is not the case. NOt that politicians are not important. But the person who controls the money, the medium of exchange that keeps the economy going, is the person who controls the savings of the society. The society savings are in the currency.

So the question is: who controls the money? Well, not the politicians. It sounds strange, but I’m very happy about that. Politicians can’t balance a budget.

But I’mot ve try positive about the central banking system we have. A system that wipes out the purchasing power of nations and puts people into modern-day slavery.

So how did we got to a world full of disruptive central banks? Well, panics did happen from time to time. Mostly imposed by banks themselves to get competition wiped out. This was the case with the panic of 1883. Which allowed some banks to thrive as the winners.

The last collapse allowed J. Pierpont Morgan to form the first company in the world valued over a billion. During the crises, he was capable of buying for pennies on the Dollar. Getting strategic railroad and steel reserves.

By repeating this system of crisis strategic assets where accumulated. At a certain moment, it was enough. So it was time to do something against t. The best method for doing so would be by simply have Gold coins as currency.

But this was not the solution they developed. The exact winners of the past crises came up with a good solution. A central bank. Someone with knowledge who would control the currency of the nation. Someone who would regulate the financial institutions.

Does this sound smart to you? Are we allowing the botcher to control the meat of himself and the competition? Does that sound as something smart to you? Not, well that is the concept of central banking. Let’s abolish the central banking system straight away. It would be best for the world and return to real money: Gold.

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