Workers need unions to take care of the workers. But how did they do this and what is really helping the workers? For this, we could look at one of the most renowned capitalists and industrialists is Henry Ford.

When Henry Ford made the Model-T Ford he was aiming the masses. This sounds strange as the Model-T was more expensive than the other cars available on the market. But we need to look at more than the costs of purchasing the car. After all, are the total costs of ownership much more important?

One of the things we seem to forget is that while gasoline cars were the standard. But gasoline was not widely available. So what did Henry Ford do? Well, the models would be powered by 3 types of petrol. Also, kerosene was used for tractors and ethanol. This could people produce themselves.

Then we look at the maintenance costs. This is something that is also important in the costs of ownership. Ford engineers had several things added. So where there tubs. To capture that water gas and bring it below the engine so it could be used again. Talking about sustainability.

One of the best mistakes is that Henry Ford was not intending to build a cheap car. The car was reliable. This something completely different.

But Henry Ford had a big problem. As the work was so boring the staff left. The big problem was to keep the factories staffed. This is why Henry Ford offered an enormous payment of 5 USD salary a day.

Unions were another problem for Henry Ford. They simply tried for decades to get in and Henry Ford kept them out. He also used the Ford Police to get the unions out.

So why did the unions try to get in the ford comapny? Well, that was simple. They were after the profits and turnover which were generated by the Ford Motor company. By ensuring all workers would pay a small fee, directly deducted from the salary, Always a good method to get your money in.

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