I collect Gold and Silver. I do that because it is the history and future of gold. It is the cornerstone of any successful investment portfolio. Also something we, unfortunately, hear little about. But what even fewer people know is that the Gold market has been manipulated. But why and by whom? Since when is it allowed to manipulate the market? Such a thing is illegal. After all, a free market is best for everyone.

Let’s start with a much more important question. When markets are manipulated, the government intervenes. At least that’s what they should do. But why aren’t they doing this in the Gold and Silver markets? What makes these markets allowed to be manipulated?

There’s a painful thing here. Since 1934, the US government has been allowed to manipulate the Gold and Silver markets. The banks they hire for this are immune from prosecution. They work like a government division. Think about this. How important is Gold and Silver that the government wants to be allowed to manipulate the price?

Well, it is worse. The US government may, by itself, manipulate all markets. In the US and beyond. All this in the deepest secrecy. This is not a pleasant thing. An NSA, CIA, or whatever spy is manipulating the markets of the history and future of money. Anywhere in the world. The ability to destabilize economies.

So what does this mean with Gold around 2,000? Someone is not going to be happy with all those records. Someone wants to have it down. If you are going against the state, you have to know what you are doing. I say it from experience.

For me, Gold is a currency and an insurance policy. Gold has a global history of being money. Gold is also doing very well in inflation and hyperinflation. Insurance can lose you money. I have health insurance. I am disappointed that I have made a profit on my health insurance this year. Had medical expenses. I am insured for that. But I’d rather make a loss. I put health over profit on my health insurance policy.

Well, there is a problem with the Gold market. There is a physical market and the futures market. The futures market is meant to be bought a few months prior. But maybe settled in cash. Those contracts can be easily issued. They can also say they owe you Gold. They keep that for you. I was offered one with free management. I have only stated that I want physical delivery. No money. They have reported that I am not allowed to buy the contract. Fine by me. I believe in freedom. Ultimate freedom. The problem is simple. The futures market is greater than the physical quantity. Not a little, a lot bigger. The ETFs are also in this. That’s why I’m not there. But do you want to invest in a manipulated market? Put money into an investment that is part of the manipulation?

But the manipulations also have advantages. The price must come down. That means that more must now be bought. The History and Future of Real Money. It hasn’t worked for ages. It has functioned as money for thousands of years. It will therefore not change any time soon. That means there are great opportunities. Opportunities that can guarantee your financial future. But for that, you must be informed. Uninformed decisions are de facto very bad. There is the Gold Profit Course a great starting point. Not aimed at directing you in any particular direction. Aimed to inform you.

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