The popular view is that capitalism failed. The system failed to solve the problems in the world and it kept people and complete continents in poverty. This is not a new viewpoint. socialists claimed this for the moment of spreading the words of Karl Marx. The ideological father of communism and the related socialism.

Prior to the economic theory of capitalism showed the world its opportunity to end poverty the government had boundless power over its people. The government was capable to do almost everything it wished to do. For spiritual satisfaction, the people turned to the Church. The popular viewpoint was that the government kept the people poor and the Church kept the people stupid.

The liberalism achieved some increase of liberty and freedom of the people. The people who had the liberty succeeded and where happy. The industrial revolution happened and poverty ended. There was a new opportunity for people to live their life.

The criticism from Marxists was that the workers where unable to have a free choice and they should have ownership of the production facility they are working with.

The Marxist supporters declared themselves above this critics with the message that the socialist system would work when the workers of the world would unite and gained ultimate ownership of all production facilities.

For over half a century politicians in Europe supported, completely or partly, the viewpoints of Karl Marx. Within Europe, they are now heading towards limited economic freedom and increasing government intervention. By every intervention the free markets are at risk are being broken down.

At this moment the most popular politicians in the United States are supporting the viewpoints of Marxism.

It was not capitalism that ensured that people were unable to leave poverty. Over and over again economic freedom lifts people out of poverty. It happens in Africa and Asia at this moment.

By blaming entrepreneurs, those who take on the responsible task of creating innovation and new jobs, with the fact that government interventions hurt capitalism is wrong. Not everyone in the world is great. But in the basics are we human being prepared to help each other. We are all good people. We help people in need. Entrepreneurs help economies with innovation and new jobs. This destructive economic activity makes a country and society better, not worse. Better the short pain than the long pain.

Nowadays great entrepreneurs are named as great economic leaders. Many of the great entrepreneurs have achieved their success with government support. Support you should consider like the barriers to entry the market. Good contracts with the controlling political parties are key to success for the great entrepreneurs.

When we are ready to solve the tiny issues and shortfalling capitalism has than it is the time that we solve the underlying problems in the capitalistic economy. This should include:
1. End political favors,
2. Lower barriers to enter,
3. Stop all government interventions,
4. Privatise all government problems with a transparent IPO,

1. Ending political favors
Every favor means that something should happen in return. Entrepreneurs are risktaking people. People creating innovation. They always attack the existing and current powers. By breaking down the political favors we increase entrepreneurship and success rate.

2. Lower barriers to enter,
The more regulation there is the tougher it is to enter a new market. That protectionism is purely empowered by the government. By politicians and civil servants interested in protecting current interests. By lowering the barriers to entering new and more innovative companies are capable to bring the much needed creative destruction every economy need,

3. Stop all government interventions,
Government interventions are terrible. They support one company at the expense of the workers and people associated with other companies and competitors. When we have a free market and solve this problem in capitalism governments should allow every company to go bankrupt.

4. Privatise all government problems with a transparent IPO,
Almost every government in the world owes companies. companies executing work for the government. Gas trading, railroad transport. You name it. Likely a government is a shareholder. So a great solution for this problem is simply bringing all government organization to the stock market. By selling 40% of all shares at once we have the power and valuation of the free market. Every year the government should simply sell another 10% of the shares. The money created by this could be used by paying off all government debt.

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