The leave referendum was not a conversation about the future of the United Kingdom. Nor talk about the future of the European Union. It was a campaign highlighting the problems of the EU, limiting the freedom of the British voters. A campaign that simply stated that those who oppose the EU were Russian agents, stupid and racist.

But around the EU the resistance against the bureaucracy is rising. This is for good reasons. If we look at the man who got Brexit done, Nigel Farage, then e reminded the European parliament about why the UK joined in the first case: to facilitate business.

It was Boris Johnson than reporter at the European Union, who saw this. He wrote about regulation for condoms. Making comments that he understood the size requirements for the French and the Germans. But for the British, the size was too small.

The cornerstone of the power of the EU is its revenue. Via the money that it distributes, it facilitates all types of initiatives. So are journalists being trained by other journalists? But how critical will those journalists be to the EU when they receive tremendous training fees?

Here is the big problem for the EU also originates the problem for the EU. They have 2 options: raise more money from other net contributors or simply reduce spending. Which is going to hurt the net receivers. None will be politically acceptable for the two groups.

So the result is that the EU proposed that Germany and France would make up the difference. Which means that all small nations have nothing more to say. Not that they had much to say in the first place.

But when the UK finally leaves it has liberated itself from the Brussels bureaucracy.

If we look at the path the EU is on than we see something that is very problematic. From the free market zone, it was when it started. To bring prosperity and ensure that people traded instead of killing each other, it is moving towards a statism project. With its bureaucracy which grows.

The Brexit could have been used as a wake-up call. But it was not. I am being abused to get more of the wrong.

The British people will feel the pain. But they can turn away from it. Become a Singapore or Hong kong on the Thames.

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