Taxation is the method the government gets its revenue in. It uses the revenue to do whatever government bureaucrats do. People like me consider that taxation is theft. This is a message that many of us who believe in government says is not true. So let’s bust this and show why taxation is theft.

To understand why taxation is theft you need to have a proper look at what theft is. Taking something that you own by force. That is theft. When you won’t pay your tax the government sends armed people to get you in line.

It is said that essential services are provided by the government. The government needs money for this. So, therefore, there is taxation.

A good case is the services provided to the poor and homeless. Are we letting them starve? No, but which part of your wealth should be considered fair? Is it not fair that you can make the decision on how much you donated?

Then we need to look at the efficiency of the homeless services. Just look at what the Trump administration did in Los Angeles. The care for the homeless people went away from the solvation army. The reason? Other Christian, Jewish and Muslim organizations could do it better. Higher success ratio over a 10 year period, for 33% of the costs.

Then we have the issue of ownership. Are you allowed to keep everything you own? I say yes. But those who support the concept of taxation will say no. You don’t have the righty.

But what makes that you can’t take products from the supermarket without paying? That will be considered shoplifting.

In which is this different than what the government is doing?

Yes, I know we have a very long route to go. But we are getting there. We are marching towards the moment that people will that enough is enough.

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