The increase in the capitalistic system is increasing. Some are loosing in the system. Western dominance is over. We are now living in the century of China.

One of the critics upon the capitalistic system is that producers only care about themselves. Unfortunately, the critics of the system ignore the fact that without customers a company can’t exist.

Then we have the claim that goods are designed in such a manner that they will break down after a certain period. Forcing customers to buy a new one. Or to say that you need to buy a new one because it is improved. This means that, if we would give the critics right, all products and services need to be designed in such a manner that they won’t break down. Not to mention that innovations should be distributed for free. But what is free? How could innovations be made sustainable when no revenue model is supporting it?

At the same time does it mean that products should be designed to be used as long as possible.

In the past, you had a blender or mixer as a wedding gift. When your kids came back from college they could still use it.

Now you are happy if some consumer good lasts for a few years. But does this come from terrible manufacturing or consumer demand? Are consumers simply demanding cheaper examples, with more often new technology and innovation being implemented?

It takes common sense to assume that we don’t need goods that go on with our full life. But if those goods would exist are you believing the advertisement or will you be very skeptical? I’ll not believe it, nor I understand the need for having it for the rest of my life.

Imagine you bought a laptop in 2000 and it goes on for the rest of your life. Also the software. Would you enjoy a 2000 laptop nowadays? NO, from time to time you need to update to the latest technology.

This is not the fault of capitalism. Capitalism is delivering what people wish: increased living standards and a better quality of life. So, what is wrong with this?

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