We all know Google is important for the western world. It is one of the most used search engines in the world.

We also know Google has a political agenda. A new whistleblower released some documents about this.

This happened since Donald Trump has won the elections. When this happened it was clear something had to be done. Why?

Google has a company slogan: “don’t do evil.”So what happened with this slogan? Why did Google decide to simply stop being neutral? They build a very successful business on this vision.

So what makes that you are censored and what not? It is not certain what exactly is censored or why.

One of the things we need to look at is what is true and whatnot. Immediately after the election of Trump, we heard about the fake news. But what is fake news?

As we have seen over and over is it very hard to determine what is fake news and whatnot. Tough thing to do. When some head of state says something you have some disagreement with it doesn’t’ mean his statement is fake news.

If we look at the definition being used by Google than it covers actual news. So why is real news fake news?

When we look at the artificial machine learning used for the deployment of the knowledge we need to be very careful.

The first signal of the problems with Google is that they are now showing questions like: “Why man get periods” or “Can a man get babies?” This is something I consider physical impossible.

If we look at what happened it is the question if Google committed treason to its customers and investors.

But the censoring is not only happening at Google. The money-losing daughter company YouTube is doing the same.

So it simply means you are not allowed to go in against the mainstream narrative. Which is very dangerous for every society.

One of the big risks is auto-fill when you search. They can slowly manipulate you.

So what is best to do against this? Begin with simply no longer use Gmail. Use some alternatives. Also, stop using the search engine of Google. Some YouTube alternatives would also not be bad. Simply ending the usage will hurt them.

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