645 million people in Africa are living without access to electricity. To make it even worse this number will increase. This is due to the growth in population.

While development banks are talking on several solutions is solar an easy one. It would be possible to do this on a large scale. Direct with the communities who are now without electricity.

One of the biggest problems with scaling up solar programs in Africa is the financing structure. current framework and financing models are not suitable for this. So a new method could be developed.

Then we come to another problem. This is politics. Sub Sahara Africa is not known for political stability. If we have to look at how terrible the situation is you just need to look at South Africa. The country was reasonable and thanks to the ANC the country is now one big mess.

A problem, on a global scale, is that over a billion people are living there. They are mainly young people. So young people, without any electiricy or any good economic outlook. Not a nice thing.

There could be quick solutions to this. Just start with proper planning. Not that I expect any African politician to do this. But by having longterm planning and a setup capital guarantee system would solve most problems.

The best thing is that all could be completely done outside the greedy hands of the government. If done properly it is clear that the potential of Africa would be met.

Unfortunately for the people in Africa is this not likely to happen.

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