US Treasury Department has placed Switzerland on a watch list. A watch list of currency manipulators. We all know what Trump did to china. Will he do the same thing against Switzerland?

It would not be the first time that Switzerland would run into trouble with the USA. Over a decade ago it was on the banking secrecy. Which was abolished for natural persons? So all personal bank accounts went into charitable or business accounts.

Switzerland has a big surplus in its trade with the USA. The only defense would be that the country is too small to bother President Trump.

While the Swiss Franc is on a 3 year high against the EUR the country is getting into trouble.

The Swiss Franc matters. The currency is one of the 3 most traded currencies in the world.

Switzerland could be used as an example for Europe. It is not a member of the European Union. It is not a Eurozone member and is ongoing into troubles with the European Union. It was until recently that the EU threatened to cut the Swiss stock exchange off. All to sort out on a political dispute.

Switzerland would be ideal for Trump. Show the European Union that it needs to do something about the trade with the US. Create more jobs in the USA and purchase agricultural products from the USA.

Switzerland is not having many chances against America. But it has a one really big one. They represent the USA in Iran.

With relations between Iran and the USA being terrible this is one of the cards Switzerland holds.

It is a bad thing that the USA is not taking its loss. the country is technically bankrupted and what we are witnessing right now is just the final indication that the American empire is collapsing.

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