The factory of the world is closed. Coronavirus is affecting the global economy. How we are being effected is not sure. If you are not buying direct, your business partner or supplier might.

Many people compare it to the Sars virus. Which is not smart to do. China was a much smaller player in the global economy than those days. Next to it is the method of dealing with it changed.

With now over 2 weeks that 80% of the Chinese economy is shutdown it is very clear that we will expect something terrible.

By shutting down the factory of the world the Chinese Communistic Party simply had shut down the complete world economy. With the 17% that China accounts for the global economy we are going to see many terrible things happening.

Recently there was some cheering about some potential medicines. This raises some interesting questions. Developing medicines is expensive and time-intensive. Even with the high number of skilled workforce in China, I’m very skeptical about any treatment being developed pretty soon.

One of the big benefits of the totalitarian system of china is that lockdown is more possible.

But with the current fragile situation of the world economy, it is very clear The economy is already in a very risky situation. It might be that the Coronavirus will bring the world in a complete economic collapse. A collapse that could benefit you. If you are prepared. Are you?

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