The yellow vest movement is spreading in Europe. The movement started in France but is now spreading all around Europe. Even in my leftish hometown, the yellow vests are here. The movement is a direct result of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Let’s have a look what the French yellow vests are demanding:
– Abolish all fuel tax,
– The resignation of the French President,
– Direct democracy like Switzerland,
– An end to austerity,
– Measures to help the working class,

Fuel is highly taxed in Europe. It is a key revenue source for many governments. In France fuel is taxed at the highest level in Europe. The increase in tax was planned to reach the Paris Climate Agreement objectives. But it is hurting the poor. They need the car for movement towards work.

When Macron was elected it was said he was the rescuer of Europe. After the populism would he bring France in the order and do what’s needed. The people have voted. But many people ignored the fact that Macron was an investment banker. From Rothschild Bank. A bank with a controversial and long history. But there was no majority for Macron.

Europe has a long lasting history of dictatorships. It is the continent of Monarchs. In France, they had to deal with this dictator and they beheaded him. If you look at the turbulent history of Europe than we see only Switzerland and Lichtenstein as a safe haven. Both countries have a direct democracy and a clear notion aggression policy. Those 2 countries simply mean economics. They love to trade with you. Nothing more and nothing less.

The standard European solution for countries with a problem is austerity. Partly this could be a solution. But all European governments fail to provide a real solution. The real solution is an increase in economic freedom and a reduction in government spending.

The measures to help the working class are much needed. Europe is slowly on getting poorer. The monetary policy resulted in technical bankrupted countries and financial institutions.

It is interesting to see what the yellow vests are saying. They are marching and demonstrating to stand up against failing policies. Policies which result into nothing more and nothing less than everyone losing wealth.

At the same time are governments raising taxation with every chance they have? But how can people pay all those debts? How can they make the needed payments? The government keeps implementing policies which are hurting the people.

The real solution, next to the increase in economic freedom, is the reduction of taxation. People should simply pay less in taxation. Taxation is doing nothing more and nothing less than hurting the real economy and the people of the country. So why not simply stop with paying tax? If you are ready to do just that than the tax-free passport report is there for you.

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