9 Weeks ago we saw something different. The first Yellow Vests where marching in Paris. They stood up against new taxation to reach the terrible, from an economic perspective, the Paris Climate Agreement. The yellow vest movement was something no one paid much attention to. After all, it is part of the France culture to riot, protest and loot.

It is clear that the yellow vests are something different. The movement spread across Europe. In European capitals are the yellow vests marching? Even in leftish Eindhoven, there are yellow vests demonstrating. On the heart of the city center. If I see at what they demand that I must admit that they are demanding things which are served by common sense.

Let’s look at what is the difference. The fact that there is no political, or union, affiliation is the key reason for the fact that it is still going on. There is no common political viewpoint. It is just about the fact that they are angry and had enough of it.

The individual members of the yellow vests might be politically outspoken or associated with any political movement. But the yellow vest movement as a whole is apolitical. The complete movement was capable of standing off the politicians who try to co-opt the movement.

We should never forget that the yellow vest movement started all due to a new fuel tax. So this all comes just from the real evil of society: taxation. The extortion fees the government steals from you. But the movement grew and new things where added. the economic situation in France, the way the ruling elite is looking at the masses. It is all part of the yellow vest movement.

We should pay close attention to one of the most destructive government organizations. The organization which makes your wealth rote away and increases the costs of living. Thanks to the yellow vests movement the ruling elite realizes that they need to change. But they fail to do so. They fail to solve the real problem. That is inflation. Inflation comes from the central bank and its disastrous monetary policy.

But the yellow vests movement of not the only sign of dissatisfaction of the people in Europe. It is time to look ahead of what will be there for the yellow vests movement. With this, we need to take into consideration that this is a European election year. The members of the European Parliament are going to be elected. The German AFD already suggested to abolish it. This is with quite some sense. The European Parliament has no real power. Actually, we can say that it is just a fake parliament.

The demands of the yellow vests are, unfortunately, very short-sighted. They are about ending some tax. They are not about the real solution. That would be the abolishment of the central banking system. It would be the return to real currency. A currency which is backed by Gold and Silver. Let’s hope that the yellow vests movement will add those demands and soon we see the end of the ECB.

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