Lodewijk Hof

Lodewijk Egbert Simon Hof is born in Helmond, The Netherlands in 1986. He is partly sighted and has a remaining eyesight of 6% and 8%. Meaning he is one of the few Dutch people that’s unable to ride a bike.

Forced to think outside the box, ask often for assistance. In day to day activities or on more challenging points of life. He is descriped as a true blue foodie who loves to cook and eat.

He is a conservative libertarian in the heart. “In the world of visual impaired people in The Netherlands, I saw too much money wasting and inefficient government-funded operations. Everywhere I come I see the same thing: an inefficient government. A government that people rely upon for questions about the rapidly changing world. Answers a government cannot provide because the government system is getting out of date.

I started this for a easy reason. Be part of an inspirational journey. A journey that allows everyone to see new perspectives and think outside the box. I think it’s crucial for everyone to stop relying on the government and ask tough questions like:

a.) What world would I like to give to my family,

b.) What are the challenges the world and my community are facing,

c.) What solutions are there and how can I create this or be part of the effective solution,

I think it’s important we face the facts: the current educational system is out of time. It’s based upon a system that worked over 200 years ago. We are in a time that information doubles at such a rapid rate that you are unable to keep up. “

Lodewijk started Hof Profit with a easy reason. Offer the mix of things we all need to survive. We don’t have to expect anything from the government, with exemption of the ongoing money seeking tax man, and we have an unlimited amount of opportunities in the world. The internet is a great thing, a great opportunity to change our life. To get the information from around the world, to purchase without the middle man. To serve my own needs: a mix of business information, promotional, international news and investment news.

He wrote an easy to read a book on becoming financial independent. That book is available under the name “Get financially independent” on Amazon.

He is active on Twitter, Linkedin and believes in the power of a great network.



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