The deadline is extended. The Taliban can now suppress the last resistance, let’s call it a massacre, to focus on the fight against Islamic State. After which the Emirate can be expanded with Pakistan. Which makes the Taliban a nuclear weapons force.

I have been against the invasion of Afghanistan since day 1. Not because I think the Taliban is a great organization. Do not get me wrong. In the Taliban, a woman is worth less than a chicken leg. But what has it brought us. Roughly, USD 300 million is spent per day. We could have saved that money. But the position in conversations is also different. Now the Taliban can say we waged war on them. Had we done that and offered to work together, we would have been in a better negotiating position.

Now geopolitics is an interesting thing. But something we are not good at in Europe. We look through rose-colored glasses. Wanting to have our way of life everywhere in the world. But what is it? In the Netherlands, government formation has failed. Because people couldn’t figure it out. Disappointing for a “top diplomat” like Kaag. Well, I’m not going to be diplomatic about her. But about the more than billion that the PLO has in Switzerland. Her husband knows more about that. That money could be used to help the people of Palestine. As is much needed. But Kaag does not dare to do this, which may of course be due to her close relationship with the PLO. As the photo of her and Arafat from her desk suggests.

The Talian is going to take revenge. Another reason to never go there. Let’s never forget that the Taliban was the legal authority. We were the occupying power.

After the Taliban has finished killing their opponents, they will, in fact, have already started doing something that I am genuinely happy about. The fight against opium. The fields are going to be burned. The Taliban strongly opposes this.

An unintended side effect of the invasion of Afghanistan is that heroin and opium production has gone through the roof. The price went down. Which stimulated use. If this is undone, hopefully, usage will decrease.

Afghanistan is rich in resources. Provided they will be won. That is something that Russian and Chinese companies are going to do. Western I doubt. The Taliban will not have forgotten the war. China has already recognized the Taliban government. Only, of course, so as not to have instability at its limit.

This only means 1 thing to me. Western dominance is definitely over. After World War II, the US has not won a single war. The century of China is here. With Russia as the underlying partner.

This makes you think. The greatest army in the world is failing. Well, this could be because the army is full of generals who have no experience in war. These are the most dangerous kind of generals there are. These are the generals who have not seen the horrors of war.

But now that western dominance is over, it won’t be long before society collapses. That’s when unprecedented amounts of power change. The only question is whether you are prepared then. Financially and for your daily necessities.

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