Previously, Corona caused the oil price to turn negative. Unknown. The cornerstone of prosperity in society is cheap and reliable energy. Cars the chemical industry. The greenhouses. All of them cannot do without the oil industry.

Shell is now working on the transformation. They aren’t really an oil company anymore. But a gas company. They are therefore not included in this report. In addition, there are more interesting investments. A dividend yield of more than 6% is also not wrong.

Thanks to electrification, we will burn less oil. In the West. The emerging markets have yet to reach the wealth level of the west. Which is an interesting development.

Now it is quite risky to invest in emerging markets. But that doesn’t apply to the United States. The country that became energy independent and lost it again. With the recovery that we will see in the oil sector, we can make some nice investments. Reap dividends and profit from the rising oil price. Most of the investments in the report are extremely profitable at current oil price levels.

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