Stock is always going up. That is at least a popular perspective. But this is not the case. Stocks can go down. With most people having their financial future mainly in shares it is smart for you to look at alternatives. 

Here are some stocks that are down and not a little bit.

  1. Japanese Nikkei: down 40% from the peak in 1989
  2. Shanghai Composite index: down 45% from the peak in 2007
  3. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index: down 10% from the peak in 2007
  4. Germany’s DAX: down 8% from the peak in 2000
  5. London’s FTSE: down 13% from the peak in 1999
  6. Italy’s FTSE MIB: down about 60% from the peak in 2000
  7. France’s CAC40: down 24% from the peak in 2000
  8. Spain’s IBEX 35: down 58% from the peak in 2007

The biggest market is still up. then I refer to the USA. But how long can this go on? After all, is the unlimited money printing and artificial low-interest rates pushing all up. 

So you need to prepare for the coming collapse. Make sure your life savings and your financial future will thrive during the next crises. 

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