The current situation does not come as a shock to me. I would have loved to have been proved wrong. But since the Corona pandemic, we have seen prices rise. There are simply too many dollars in the world. Too much-printed money, making life unaffordable. What results in the explosion in homeless people that we see now?

Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, has canceled his rental home. He has decided it is unwise to pay $25,000 a month in rent. Do you want to see his house?

How is it possible that one of the most beautiful areas in the US has become a breeding ground for crime? What will this say for the foreseeable future? What does this say about the increase in food prices? What will happen if the problems really break loose? When Africa, Asia, and other emerging markets people take to the streets. We are told that it is about democracy. But they don’t want democracy. That is a luxury product. They want to eat.

But we can also become part of The Trade Of The Decade. The solution is to actively invest in food production yourself.

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