Around the world are iconic and historical statues toppled. Due to the relation between imperialism and slavery. Many people talk about it. No one looks at the fact. It seems the case that the world turned into an insane place. Another problem is that within intellectual circles only criticizing the white is normal. something that is pretty racial in my opinion. Many know about European engagement in the global slavery trade. But why are we not looking at the role of West African Monarchies?

Slavery was a normal method. If a King took over control over another country he used the people for slavery trade objectives. They simply sold the people to the Dutch, Portuguese, French, or any other. Just who paid for it.

While debates are held about repatriation, lawmakers in California are doing this destructive investigation, they ignore this history. After all, is this not what you are supposed to consider. Should the West African human traffickers The questions should be raised on compensation for those people. It is a fair question, but no one raises them.

The slavery debate is hijacked by the radical left. They are pushing their destructive agenda. The debate is not happening upon the facts or common sense. No one will argue that the countries of Mali, Ghana, Cape Verde, Nigeria, and Senegal need to make repatriation contributions. So why should we?

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