The US is leaving Afghanistan. It is now an Islamic Emirate. Okay, the IMF has stopped payments to Afghanistan. But the Taliban doesn’t care. The Taliban has not been able to build anything. Even the protest factory closed. Which makes you think. With all the fighting you’d say there’s a market for it.

Earlier it was about where the next war will come. The first question to ask is whether and why the US is starting another war.

Considering the last election, it is wise for President Biden to go to war. The people will collectively rally behind him. You can agree with Trump and your claim that the election was rigged. But the fact is that a lot of people voted for Trump. I assume he will run for president again. Which makes you think. In the US, to my knowledge since Bush, it is normal for the IRS and FBI to intimidate opponents. Which is something to think about and is very worrying for a democracy. That’s what you expect from a dictatorship.

Congo was previously suggested. Given the raw materials and Chinese interference, it is an option. But operationally inconvenient. Which is no problem for the US military. But why and about what? That’s what I wonder. Moreover, Conga has already become a Chinese vassal state.

I want to present another option. Ukraine. The country is the European epicenter of the Cold War. President Biden His Son Has Business Interests. The country is exerting pressure to join NATO. Which is a back too far for the Russians. The situation in Crimea has shown that Russia is not a threat.

We can ask whether the US will come to the rescue if Russia invades Ukraine. Considering Nord Stream II I have my doubts about this. President Biden has yielded to German pressure. The logic is clear for Nord Stream II. Cheap and reliable energy from Russia. More logical than bringing LNG from the United States by boat from the US. That’s what former President Trump and President Biden wanted. Which explains Senator Cruz’s opposition. As a result, many appointments in the State Department are currently being blocked.

Furthermore, it is bubbling around Ukraine. The situation around Lugansk and Donestk has not yet been resolved. The situation there is even more complex than it was in 2014. Russia has massively issued passports and citizenship. Governments have a responsibility to protect. This is why the west invaded Yugoslavia at the time.

One reason behind Nord Stream II is that we want to bypass countries like Belarus and Ukraine. The countries depend, in part, on the trasnit fees for their income. They can be bypassed by this pipeline.

Now there is an alternative. Making Ukraine a country with hydrogen. Which makes more sense than driving on electricity. Interestingly, the energy companies financing Nord Stream are also leading the way and investing heavily in it.

It could result in Ukraine becoming a forerunner in the hydrogen field. Which makes them less dependent on Russia.

Now energy is a basic necessity of life. We can’t live without it. We can talk about green electricity and sustainable energy. But prosperity and prosperity require cheap and reliable energy.

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