The worldwide efforts to fight covid19 have not been successful. Although the flu virus, traditionally, as well as other Sars variants in the summer in the northern hemisphere, are on the decline, the new Delta variant is spreading. Although the British have recently celebrated their freedom, the Delta variant is also on the rise. It is only a matter of time before we will again argue for a new lockdown from the experts, who have been preaching the same thing for a year. Because healthcare can’t handle it. No doubt for a few weeks. That will be a few months. Let me ask a question: why aren’t medical students trained to become ICU nurses? This is where the bottling neck in care is located. You can fill every event hall with expensive Philips ventilators. But who is certified to operate them? I’m not saying first-year students can do this. But the last few years should be possible. Just to increase the amount of qualified staff. After all, the government is looking ahead.

It’s no secret, of course, that the lockdowns are very destructive. A large wave of bankruptcy is expected in the hospitality industry in the Netherlands as soon as the support stops.

Here comes a question that no one but me has asked. How much economic damage do we want to incur? In the care economy, human life should not cost more than EUR 80,000 per year. See, for example, the discussion around the expensive drug Prep. That prevents HIV infection. It’s simply too expensive. Treating someone with HIV is cheaper. Although these are very painful discussions, this allows neutralizing the loaded topic. We can put perspective. It would of course help if the government is just honest about this. Formulates clear goals and does not move the goalposts during the match.

Let’s look at the situation in Japan. At the time of writing this, the first Olympic event will take place. Without an audience. Which only adds to the losses on this event. But the participants have to test twice before departure. Then on arrival. Yet here too the Delta variant has struck. Which makes you think.

Why all that testing?

The situation in Japan is quite disastrous. There are major underlying problems. So you have a very aging society. But despite this, the country has made few successful preparations. For example, free masks were distributed. The precarious problem, these were children’s masks. So they were too small and no vaccines were purchased. So Japan may have chosen a different strategy. Although I immediately understand that you go for herd immunity with a very young and healthy population, who have hardly any problems (statistically speaking), it does not seem wise to me to do this in an aging society. I would also call MSD. My cats have been vaccinated annually, they are both cancer survivors having outlived their life expectancy by over a third. SarsCovid was neatly stated on the invoice. So apparently MSD has something for veterinary medicine that works. I say: investigate whether it works in people. Then distribute it en masse. But they can cure it in ungulates. Again: testing. Just try. Ask people for permission. Especially with minor complaints. Build data for further research. I’m not saying it works. It May did not work well. But: why not? Saves the expensive development process.

Apparently, the vaccines do not work against the much-feared Delta variant. Undoubtedly, the mandatory mouth caps will be back soon. This will cause serious damage to the economy. But what will be even more destructive is another lockdown.

The previous lockdown in the US resulted in 20% of small businesses closing their doors permanently. Companies that provide entry-level jobs. Companies that are willing to spend relatively more money in the neighborhood, the companies where growth in personnel still has an impact on the local economy.

New lockdowns seem inevitable to me. This means that even more companies will go bankrupt. This means even more support and even more governments going bankrupt. For the economy, it also means that it is HYPERLINK Now or never to build up an extra income. In case you lose your job. You can watch Netflix all day long, or build up an extra income. Something you will desperately need in the coming times.

But something is interesting about the two lockdowns. When we look at what Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and the other mega winners of the Corona pandemic have been doing, we come to something very interesting. They are fully engaged in farming. Do they know something we don’t? You can say it. But it is an exciting signal.

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