Who is picking the winners and losers of the energy transition? This sounds like a not so important question. But billions are going to spend a day in the transition. So who picks the winners and losers? Where is the money going?

In a good and functioning world, it would be the consumers and entrepreneurs who are doing this. After all, are consumers and entrepreneurs are best capable of doing so. But that is not the case. Bureaucrats and overpaid government employees are setting the winners and losers. Doing so they increases the government burden on society and increases the push towards poverty.

Wo who are the winners? Thanks to the subsidies are electric mobility and cars it is clear that they are the winners. for the period, of course, that the subsidies remain in business.

Renewable energy is another beneficiary of the transition. We could have a look at Germany. The largest country, measured on renewable electricity produced, but renewables still account for only 13% of the generated electricity.

Within the renewables wind and solar are the big beneficiaries. Byt why are we not including biomass? Or using dung? We have too much of it, so let’s use it for the energy transition. Like heating.

When we look at the effect of renewable energy production on the market it is easy. When the wind is there, or the sun is there, wholesale prices are 0. But when it is not there prices are sky-high.

This brings another problem. No one is interested in investing in energy production. The business case is simply not working.

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